What was once Plants vs. Zombies now is Clash Royale. This game is so addictive that once you’ve tried it, you won’t be able to stop playing for days. The biggest success this game achieved was last year. There was even a competition with amazing prizes for first three players. And being that this is an app for phone devices, it’s a pretty huge success. So let’s see what this game has to offer and why is it the best gaming app in 2016.

Simplicity in Gaming

The most important thing is that it’s surprisingly easy to learn how to play it. It’s basically a combination of a chess game and a classic strategy game with elements of tower defense. You are battling live players and this is what makes this game even more interesting and intense.


There are two teams, and every battle is about destroying the other player’s team. You can do this either by destroying the two towers on the side of the field or by directly attacking and obliterating the king’s tower.

Units and Tactics

This game is easy to learn how to play, but there is complexity in terms of variety of units and number of strategies you can use against other player and vice versa. You can play tutorial just to get the hang of it, and learn the important units, spells, and buildings. There are over 20 units and 15 magic spells that you can deploy on the battlefield. Each unique with a different cooldown, damage, and effect. So to master this game you need to invest way more time in it than those 5 minutes riding in a bus.

You can get this game today and find out why everyone is talking about it and why there was a championship in Helsinki that brought thousands of card game loving players. It’s available on iPhone and Android so whatever phone you have, you’ll be able to play it.