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When it comes to being a part of society we need to understand that every word counts, and every published review matters. We are the ones that change can change the industry, and we are all a part of it.

Whole Knowladge System

Whether we are talking about a review on a recent breakthrough in technology, a suggestion to remaster older game projects, or simply a review of a gaming device we have to take these matters seriously.
This is why we take so much pride in what we do.

Game Developing

Because we know the influence of words and how they can change everything. Game developing companies care about what their clients, in this case, gamers, want to see. This is why they spend millions of dollars on different types of feedback gathering tactics.

Apple Watch

“The first thing I want to mention is that smart watch is just an iPhone accessory and it should be used for that sole purpose. The LCD screen has 200 pixels per inch, and it’s pretty functional” 

The black texture of the screen makes it appear as it was black even when exposed to direct sunlight. Being that it’s a notification device, whose sole purpose is to alert and notify you of activities on social networks it does a pretty good job. It has two main buttons on the side of the watch as well as a touchscreen. The vibrating option does a good job of waking me up, and corresponding with an app like activity tracker and others. The gyroscope in it does a damn good job at responding to my arms movement.

Best Utilities Software

  • Norton Utilities is a great software that can be yours for a moderate price. Cons and pros of such software would include overall speedup process and the weight on the graphic processing performance. Other than that it’s a great, affordable utility software.
  • Developed by Pointstone Software, System Cleaner 7 provides overall a good protection from overheating and otherwise overcrowding your system with unnecessary information. This software developing company is creating and publishing software from 1996, so it’s no wonder that this utility software has so much success. 

  •  System Mechanic is absolutely the ultimate utility tool for optimizing your PC to run as smooth as possible. You can choose the outcome you are looking for whether its performance, quality or system speed. Find out why this one is declared king of utility software. 

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Best Game App In 2016

What was once Plants vs. Zombies now is Clash Royale. This game is so addictive that once you’ve tried it, you won’t be able to stop playing for days. The biggest success this game achieved was last year. There was even a competition with amazing prizes for first...

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Nvidia GeForce vs. AMD Radeon

Since the beginning of modern gaming, there was only two titans of graphic card industry, GeForce, and Radeon. Just like gaming society is divided into players that prefer console and the ones that prefer PC, both of these graphic card companies got a portion of the...

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Best Hardware for PC Gaming

Razer Naga

Now this is what you can call the most advanced gaming mouse on the market for MMO fans. Beside the fact that it looks awesome while it magnificently glows in the dark emitting chilling blue color, it also has more than 40 button functions. With 17 buttons on the side and a scroll button that can be clicked in 24 different positions, this is truly the ultimate MMO gaming mouse.

Saitek P3600 Cyborg Force Rumble Pad

It’s almost as if X-box 360 controller and PS3 controller had a baby and gave birth to a unique controller for gaming on PC. It was designed to provide full control while playing; trigger button feels smooth and it even has an FPS button which allows quick calibration.

Optoma PT105 Gaming LED Projector

This beast of a projector was designed specifically to provide the best gaming experience ever to be imagined. It projects, and simply does better than other similar devices emitting amazing 75 Lumens. It can project a 60-inch display on a wall up to 10 feet in distance.

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